What workspace is the perfect fit for your growing business?

Are you beginning to feel the strain of your new startup or business because you’re working out of your bedroom, local coffee house or garage? Maybe it’s time to consider getting your own space. Here are some questions to ask as you begin your search so that you plant your company in an environment that is affordable, convenient, contains the right support system and fits your vision for growth!

  • Is the space convenient to my home? To my kids school?
  • What does the space offer? Private Offices? Shared Office? Community tables? Conference room time? Access to printer/copier/fax? Wifi?
  • What kind of a membership or lease is available? Is it long term (12 months or more?) or Short term (90 days? month to month?)
  • As my company grows, are there options to remain in the space?
  • Access to mentors?
  • Is the space industry specific?
  • What other companies are located in this space? Are they open to collaboration?
  • Is the space gender specific? Gender neutral?
  • What type of networking, workshops and seminars are available? Frequency? Cost?
  • How does the space help its members make the right connections?
  • What is the culture and environment of the space? Noisy? Quiet? Young? Professional? Fun yet friendly?
  • Do you see yourself in the space?
  • What kind of support services are available?

If you ask these questions, and others that may occur as you tour area coworking spaces, executive suites, shared office space, and more, remember to keep in mind your vision and goals for your company. This will guide you to making the right choice and to move into a space that allows you to establish you and your business as legitimate and professional. Need more reasons to contemplate a coworking space? Choose the best tariff for you in Anthill Space.

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