What is Coworking?

Work these days often doesn’t fit the traditional mold of a nine-to-five job working at the same company until you retire. More people than ever are making their own opportunities through freelancing, starting their own business, or using their professional skills to find their own employment niche.

Coworking is a new, flexible way to go to work that meets the needs of the modern workforce. If you’re tired of working at home in isolation, or fighting for elbow room at the local coffeehouse, and you’re not meeting enough of the right kind of creative people in order to move your business forward, then coworking may be for you.

All the benefits of a traditional office, without the drawbacks:

  • Dedicated professional workspace
  • Conference room to meet clients
  • Learn and gain new skills from your coworking peers
  • Grow your circle of influence
  • Increase your productivity

Our coworking space offers flexible options that can adjust and grow with your business.
What you don’t get? An expensive long-term lease, contracts, office politics, or a nasty boss (isn’t that why you went out on your own anyway?)

Coworking inspires and encourages business relationships and friendships, fosters new skills, and creates newfound connections. If there’s a downside, we haven’t found it yet – come in and let us show you what coworking can do for you!

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