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Book a video recording studio in Anthill Space to accomplish your projects

відеостудія з хромакеєм

If you had a choice whether to watch a professionally-filmed clip or an amateur video with low-quality sound, which one you would prefer? Let’s be honest, the last one is not what you would give the Oscar to.

Price: 22 $/hour

Video Studio

Extraneous noises and poorly adjusted light won’t help you to make your videos unique and popular on YouTube. To create viral video content, you have to think of an excellent idea first, and then, choose the right place for shooting.

відеостудія з людиною

No matter whether you record film reviews, webinars, interviews, or keep a travel blog, you should find a high-end green screen studio in Kyiv. It will become your lifesaver and the best help to shoot first-class video content.

The best green screen video and photo studio in Kiev

The Anthill Space video zone was initially designed to film footage. This place is equipped with everything that can be of use to you. Hurry up to book the studio and see it for yourself. At your request, we can provide you with the following services:


Share your ideas with our specialists, and they will do whatever it takes to bring them to life. From now on, the right lighting, objects’ location, camera angle, and shooting process itself are none of your concern.

Professional equipment

Do you want to shoot a video, but the prices for the needed equipment are shockingly high? Take it easy and turn to us. Light, studio accessories, cameras are among the essential tools to create high-quality video content. We have all those and even more.

Video montage

It is a sheer pleasure to work with our specialists. They will watch all the footage, select the best episodes, choose appropriate music, and arrange the frames by your scenario.

Shoot mind-blowing video recordings, vlogs, and interviews in Anthill Space

You can film whatever your heart desires in our video zone. You may only find it difficult to shoot a full-length movie there, but we don’t limit you in any way. When you rent our video recording studio, you get a place with correlated color temperature and sound-absorbing panels. You will need all those to create high-quality footage.

професійна фотозйомка

Book our studio today and shoot masterpieces that will blow the Internet!

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