3 Reasons to Consider Joining a Coworking Space!

Shared workspaces are not just for entrepreneurs and startups. Business owners that are considering giving up their long held office lease, or are no longer inclined to re-sign a 5, 10 or 20 year lease on an office suite, should consider a coworking space, like Anthill Space in Kyiv.
Here are some reasons to consider a shared workspace or coworking space if you’re downsizing or enlarging your business.


Cost Savings

Shared workspaces, or coworking spaces, offer established business owners immediate cost savings. Running an office and a business are capital intensive. Phone systems, internet, security, kitchen and bathroom supplies and maintenance are just some of the costs that are involved in maintaining and running an office. By moving into a shared workspace or coworking space you will cut overhead expenses immediately.

Another cost savings are flexible term agreements. Your capital is no longer tied up with the landlord holding on to 3 to 6 months of lease payments. Most coworking spaces, or shared workspaces only take a first and last month deposit, freeing up your capital to do more for you and your business.

Furniture is another way to save by moving into a shared workspace. Coworking spaces provide fully furnished suites, workspaces, locking filing cabinets, printers and copiers. All a business owner has to do is move their computer and files, jump on the internet and immediately get to work.

If you need to hire a team member, you can add them into the space at a reasonable rate. If you need to let people go, then the shared workspace will accommodate your fluctuations. Flexibility is the mainstay of a shared workspace.

Hidden Benefits

There are other hidden costs to running and maintaining an office suite. One them is loss of time. By joining a shared workspace, a business owner can begin the transition from a fully charged, non-stop work life to one with more balance for family, home and friends. This transition is usually one of the hardest for those who have been in business for themselves for extended periods of time. By moving to a shared workspace where the focus is on the work, and not on maintaining the office, the business owner can transition to a slower pace, and begin to enjoy time and friends once again.

Another great benefit is an opportunity to mentor and network with other business owners, startups and entrepreneurs. Established business owners have extensive boots on the ground experience. Sharing these experiences and advice with others is worthwhile and brings an energized feeling of good will to all parties involved.

Say goodbye to your commute!

Buy finding a shared workspace closer to your home, the downsizing business owner can create even more time in their day! Shortening your commute is a another benefit and time saver by joining a shared workspace. Have clients come to you, and use the coworking space’s conference room. By eliminating the stress of a long commute, increasing time for family and friends, and cutting costs are all excellent benefits.

Though we are in the midst of an entrepreneurial renaissance, we are also at the beginning of the silver tsunami. Many business owners will be transitioning out of their business, as well as downsizing and simplifying their business and lifestyle. Rent personal office or a coworking space will provide tons of benefits to this segment of the workforce, allowing both a professional presence and yet greater flexibility.

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