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A comfortable workspace is fundamental to ensure high productivity and a winning mood for your team. Admit it: it feels much better to discuss work-related issues in a modern, technologically advanced office. However, not all start-ups can afford to rent an all-in-one smart space in the capital’s downtown. Fortunately, there is a solution! Check out serviced offices for rent in our coworking environment for only $250 per month for a workplace and discover every benefit we offer.

250 $/deskCall for a special offer, we remain steadfast!


Why is an individual office space for rent at Anthill Space is a top choice for you and your team?

office space for rent

With the Private Office package from Anthill Space, you will never worry about unexpected expenses when creating a comfortable working environment for your team. We offer 26 high-tech, fully furnished offices equipped with everything you need to ensure the desired productivity level and excellent leisure time opportunities. Choose your private office space for rent in Kyiv and run your business in the most positive atmosphere.

This package comes with a plethora of goodies and additional services:

  • 24/7 access to your office
  • Wi-Fi 6 with Gigabit Ethernet
  • cleaning services
  • office management
  • events for residents
  • access to meeting rooms
  • security system
  • lounge zone with sweets
  • coffee zone with unlimited coffee


At Anthill Space, you will also be assisted in all legal, economic, and organizational issues. Plus, our team will be happy to help you find and purchase the much-needed equipment.

Are you still in two minds about a small private office for rent in Kyiv? Then the following benefits will convince you for sure.


office space for rent

Maximum technological performance for achieving your professional goals

It is stable Internet conditions that ensure improved productivity at Anthill Space. Wi-Fi 6 is synonymous with a quick connection to search for business solutions on the fly. Besides, if any breakdown occurs, it will be fixed in a flash owing to our professional IT support.

office with furniture

All-encompassing office management

We know how essential it is to provide a healthy working environment. That’s why we offer cleaning services so that your rented private office always looks its best. If you need any office manager assistance, a qualified expert from Anthill Space is at your disposal for workspace organization.

small office space for rent

Ideal work-rest balance

It’s impossible to endlessly sit in front of a laptop without a break. With the Private Office package, you will gain access to multiple relaxation areas and a coffee zone. Why not have a word with your colleagues while savoring some dessert or unlimited coffee?

office space for lease

Infinite smart office opportunities

This package also includes special meeting rooms and meetups. As our resident, you can throw various events without paying extra for this service.

Derive maximum benefit with your private office space in Kyiv

Once in our coworking environment, you will feel unparalleled unity with your team as the best IT specialists in Kyiv are already here. At Anthill Space, working among like-minded people is not only fun but also efficient. Every resident of ours can share his or her unsolved problems and be provided with support with any challenge.

Fill out an application on our website, and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.

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