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Looking for an investment in Silicon Valley?

Anthill Accelerator finances in mobile apps and attracts investors in Silicon Valley.

Startup Accelerator


Are you a mobile app developer?

We help startups go to the US market.








Why choose us:



We help with development, marketing, financing, mentoring and provide amazing partnership opportunities.


We turn great ideas into brands and help attract Round A investment in a startup in the US market.


Our experts conduct a series of classes aimed at stimulating growth and further success.

Startup Accelerator


Stages of investing:

We prepare your project to Round A investors.

Seed round

After conducting an initial market analysis and developing business plans, companies seek to start marketing activities and product advertising, as well as attract customers. Organizations at this stage have at least a product sample. Investinging can be used to complete the process of developing and creating a product, and to achieve product conformity with the market.

Round A

Financing is provided to companies that have spent their initial capital and now need funds to launch production, sales and marketing. A company may also seek profitability as it sells its products to a wider audience.


How does it work?

1. You fill out information about the investment project
Fill out a specially designed questionnaire, add photos, videos, presentations and other materials.

2. After adding the project, you will be given the opportunity to choose the purpose of the investment search in dialogue with a specialist.

3. Your project is presented to investors
Projects that have passed moderation are sent targeted for consideration by Investors.


Start your journey.

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