Anthill Space - №1 coworking in Kiev

Anthill Space is one of Kyiv’s largest coworking zones designed with our customers’ needs in mind.
Come by to get new ideas, improve your mood, and meet interesting people. We offer a variety of rates to satisfy your personal and budget needs.

who are we?

Anthill Space is a new technologic coworking space with 1,000 square meters total area situated on the right bank of the Dnipro River.
We create comfortable working conditions, develop community, maintain business processes.
Our goal is to support and professionally develop our “residents”. We undertake all operational tasks and establish your interaction with each other.


Technological solutions

Anthill Space is a high-tech environment where everything is designed to increase your productivity. We use cutting-edge soundproofing technologies to prevent distractions and boost your work efficiency. Plus, we maintain the optimal workplace temperature all year round thanks to a modern air conditioning and ventilation system.

High security level

The “Smart Office” system allows us to remotely control the fire alarm system, water supply, and electricity. Besides, we’ve integrated round-the-clock video surveillance solutions into our office, which is important to minimize risks and prevent trespassing.

A-class devices

If you rent our coworking space, you’ll get access to a myriad of sophisticated devices. Feel free to use printers, monitors, webcams, and other equipment without paying extra. Bring your laptop along, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Extra services

There are numerous highly professional specialists in our coworking space. They are all here to make your working experience easier and more effective. All our residents are offered legal assistance, IT support, office management, recruiting, and accounting services. With us, you can also be guided through tax payments and reporting.

Our residents


Hot Desk

from $155*/month for one person

For those who prefer a fixed work schedule. Choose any free space in the open space. Available from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. during business days.


Hot Desk Flex

from $105 for one person

For those who prefer a flexible work schedule in a fully equipped workspace. Choose any free space in coworking. There are 14 visits available for 3 months from 9.00 to 21.00 during business days.


Dedicated Desk

$195 per month for one person

$175 per month for one person

For those who value stability. Choose a workplace that will be assigned to you on an ongoing basis. Available 24/7.


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private office

$ 290 per month per person

$ 222 per month per person

Equipped personal office where you can place a team of up to 30 people

Video Zone

from $22/hour

Completed area with a green background (lame), professional lighting, a makeup table
and a climate system.
Our experienced operator will shoot the desired material, and the mounting director will mount the finished roller.
So we can take on the realization of your plan while you enjoy the whole process of having a cup of our delicious coffee.


Conference Hall

from $25/hour

A fully equipped conference room with professional light and sound can easily accommodate from 20 to 100 people.


Meeting Rooms

from $10/hour

Meeting rooms are equipped with all necessary equipment for holding rallies, business meetings or classes for up to 10 people.